Mikael Karon

Architect, developer and open-source evangelist

I solve problems for a living. I am passionate about what I do, the applications I develop, and the solutions I architect. I am an enthusiastic team player who loves to contribute.


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Stockholm, SE





In my day-to-day job I organize our talanted team of developers and help design and implement new and innovative systems to power our ops staff and excite our users.

  • Work with a really diverse and distributed team of co-workers.
  • Researching things like docker, kubernetes and micro-service platforms.

EF Learning Labs

Front-end Lead Architect

2012-02-01 — 2015-12-01

Modernized the front-end stack and tools, advocated open-source methodologies and represented EF as a speaker at meetups and conferences. I helped build and train the front-end teams, guide product owners and advise executives.

  • Authored TroopJS, an open-source framework for enterprise scale JavaScript applications used to create Englishtown Efekta 13/14 and EFSET.org - the world’s first free standardized English test online.
  • Co-founded JSWeekend, the principal JavaScript meetup in Shanghai.
  • Speaker at HangJS, part of jsconf.cn - the largest JavaScript conference in China.


Chief Architect

2010-03-01 — 2012-02-01

As principal technologist for MyCube, a digital life management tool for exchanging, sharing and selling content I designed and implemented the initial platforms and systems. As the team grew I transitioned to management but maintained an active contributor role.

  • Designed and implemented a social network platform to scale beyond 10M members.
  • Supported management team during fund raising with technical input and presentations.
  • Lead a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary development team in a high pressure environment.

Red Sector Pte. Ltd.

Co Founder

2009-03-01 — 2010-03-01

As one of three co-founders of Red Sector, a boutique consultancy specializing in online sports betting, casinos and payment systems I owned front-end technologies while my partners covered back-end and infrastructure.

  • Collaborated on anti-DDOS systems for high-profile online gambling institutions.
  • Designed anti-fraud systems for online payment systems.
  • Implemented technologies and systems for real-time odds delivery and display.

Strategem Technologies

Senior Developer

2006-10-01 — 2008-12-01
  • Designed and developed front-end applications for the exchange, sports book and financial betting platforms optimized for high load and performance (10,000+ concurrent users with sub second data lifetime).

Karon Konsul AB


2004-01-01 — 2006-01-01
  • Assisted Englishtown in moving their web application stack from .ASP to .NET and was a member of an R&D team designing next-get frameworks and methodologies for EF.

EF Englishtown


2000-01-01 — 2004-01-01
  • Developed an on-line English proficiency solution to test, grade and place a student without teacher aid.
  • Developed a mass emailing solution to deliver personalized lessons translated in 15+ languages and delivered to over 5 million recipients daily.
  • Developed a CMS featuring personalization, localization and multi target publishing.



1999-01-01 — 2000-01-01

En Trappa AB

Senior Developer

1998-10-01 — 1999-01-01

Pacer Communications AB


1998-01-01 — 1998-10-01

Viaduct AB

Lead Developer

1997-01-01 — 1998-01-01


Bäckahagens Skola

1986-07-01 — 1995-06-10
Stockholm, Elementary


Web Technologies

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XSLT


Java, C#, and Perl


SQL, NoSQL, and Graph



Native or bilingual


Full professional


Limited working